Regels voor Apostoliks / Rules for Apostolics

Published by The Standard Press, Cape Town

An OAC member tried to dispute the authenticity of Klibbe’s letter by stating that the book “De Oude Apostoliese Kerk van Afrika” is the original, and that Klibbe’s letter must therefore be a fake because it had “NIEUWE APOSTOLIESE KERK” on the cover page.

However, according to the OAC’s own version of history:
Church History: The Church S. Africa: Name-changes With the arrival of Evangelist Klibbe (1889 to 1911) the Church is known as the: "Apostolic Church" because of the Apostolic Movement. From 1911 to 1926: "New Apostolic Church (Africa)". After 1926 until recently: "The Old Apostolic Church of Africa". With the relaunch of the Church in other countries, the suffix "Africa" is omitted.
This was also confirmed by the Supreme Court of South Africa (Witwatersrand Local Division):
“…the Church incorporated under Act 31 of 1909 (Transvaal) known as the New Apostolic Church (Africa) under the leadership of Apostle Carl George Klibbe did in the year 1915 sever all connection with and declared its independence from the New Apostolic Church, whose headquarters is in Germany which is subject to the jurisdiction of the Apostle College and Apostle Unity and under the leadership of Herman Niehaus of Quelle, Germany…”
“…That by reason of the aforegoing the said Carl George Klibbe on behalf of himself and all the congregations in Africa under him abandon the right to the use of the name New Apostolic Church (Africa) hitherto used by him and his Church and the various congregations thereof…”
“…This undertaking to take effect from 1st. June 1927…”

The full transcript can be viewed here:

The same OAC member also wrote: “...The pagee (p 17) is part of the old Confession of Faith, and it is similar to the current version, as the current version is based on the 12 Articles of Faith...”

In addition, the letter and the book have the following in common:
  • The word “Apostoliese” kerk
  • The term “Regels voor Apostoliks
  • The term “Geplubiceerd in deApostoliese Kerk
  • The same copyright “Kopijrecht” and “16de Oktober, 1913

The booklet “De Oude Apostoliese Kerk van Afrika” would not have existed prior to 1927 and the printing company, Standard Press, Cape Town was only established in 1924.

Copyright date does not mean the date of printing and by the time “Regels voor Apostoliks” was printed in book form, Carl Klibbe and his church and the various congregations thereof were forbidden by law to use the name “New Apostolic Church”. This places the publication of “De Oude Apostoliese Kerk van Afrika” after 1926.

The original document
Based on the evidence above, the letter can be considered as original and authentic.

Apostolic picnic 1926 ("Old" Apostolic wasn't in use yet)
Council of the Old Apostolic Church of Africa - Xmas 1927

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