History - Court Case in newspaper 28/1/1927

The following is an excerpt from a newspaper showing the start of the Old Apostolic Church

Rand Daily Mail, 22 September 1926
New Apostolic Church

Court Sequel to a dispute
Question of Leadership settled


The dispute among the ranks of the New Apostolic Church in Africa has at last been settled by an order in terms of settlement, made yesterday morning by Mr. Justice Barry in the Rand Local Division of the Supreme Court.

The parties of the dispute were Christiaan Hendrik Kreunen and Rev. George W. Schlaphofff (plaintiffs) of the N.A.C. of Africa and Carl George Klibbe (defendants).

This church was originally established in 1830 with headquarters in Germany. In 1892 the first S.A. Branch was founded. The central authority of the church consists of a body of men known as the Apostle College, these being composed of all the Apostles and assistant Apostles in the church. The Board of Administration and Executive of the church was styled the Apostle College which was presided over by the Head Apostle H. Niehaus. Klibbe was appointed the head of the South African Branch in 1908 and was given the rank of Apostle.

It appeared that in July, 1913 Klibbe was removed from his office and George Hendrik Wilhelm Schlaphoff was appointed Apostle for Africa. The former, however, had refused to acknowledged the latter or vacate his office.

In September, 1915 Klibbe in consequence of his contumacious conduct, in refusing to accept the decree of his removal, was duly excommunicated.

According to the terms of the settlement which were made an order of the court, it was agreed that a section of the church under the leadership of Klibbe had in 1915 severed all connection with and declared its independence from the N.A.C. the headquarters of which was in Germany. Klibbe on behalf of himself and all the congregations under him abandoned the right to the use of the name N.A.C. (Africa), and to style his followers "Old Apostolic Church of Africa". This arrangements was to take effect from June 1, 1927.

Schlaphoff, under the term of settlement is recognised as the African Apostle and leader of the N.A.C. and entitled to register under that name, but each of the religious organisations had the right to carry on its own affairs without interference from the other.

Mr. C.T. Blakeway (instructed by Messrs. Israel and During) appeared for the plaintiffs; Mr. I. Steinberg (instructed by Mr. I. Spitz) appeared for the defendants.

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